Winter Detox Salad

FACT:  we tend to overeat on holidays. Not entirely sure if it’s because of family and friends nearby (Uncle Forest always seems to keep my tequila shot glass overflowing), the vast array of delicious homemade baked goods (more pie, anyone?), or the plethora of spiked egg nog (..self-explanatory….), but I, for one, have NO regrets. It’s important … [Read more…]

Macaroon Chocolate Drops

This Christmas, one of the slightly depressing side effects of being a grad student is my lack of funds for gift giving. If you took a peek into my scraggly wallet from Marshalls, I am about 99.9% positive you would find anywhere from 6 to 7 cobwebs. SO. Consequently, I am giving hugs as presents this year. … [Read more…]

PB&J Thumbprint Cookies

Who needs friends… When you have cookies? I mean I guess it’s nice to get basic human social interaction and all, but these cookies have peanut butter in them… So…there’s that. Wow don’t mind my dry cracked skin in the photo above.  Gross. Can a betch get a bottle of lotion up in here? I mean … [Read more…]