Portobello Egg Nests

Nestled in between a thick juicy portobello mushroom, you will stumble upon an herb-infused sunny side up egg. This dish gets real dirty, I mean like, the yolkporn on this bad boy is out of this world. The shroom, as succulent as it remains, bakes up crispy and firm. Thus, No. Toast. Even. Required. Eggs? Crack one up. A wee … [Read more…]

Fiery Orange Tofu

When you’re looking for creative ways to turn a block of mashed soybeans into dinner… Look no further. This robust, zesty dish will tickle your tofu fancy. Not familiar with making tofu?  Click here! It’s an incredibly simple meal to concoct any night of the week and makes for a great plate of leftovers.  Trust … [Read more…]