Chocolate Tahini Coconut Tarts

I discovered something about myself the other day whilst in the middle of flinging powdered sugar around my kitchen. When I’m not cooking- I am not happy. When I’m not mixing and roasting and spilling and rinsing, I feel….without. Cooking brings a sense of security, not because I know I have enough dark chocolate chips in the … [Read more…]

Protein Packed Overnight Oats

Twenty sixteen. Twenty sixteen. Say it with me. 2016. 2-0-1-6?!?? What happened? 2015 was a giant blur. A very good one, but still a blur. Time for that “new year, new me” boooooooull shit…perhaps we should swap out the “new me” part (because let’s get real…it’s a taddddd bit ambitious) and instead just opt for a new breakfast, eh? … [Read more…]