Protein Packed Overnight Oats

Twenty sixteen. Twenty sixteen. Say it with me.

2016. 2-0-1-6?!??

What happened? 2015 was a giant blur. A very good one, but still a blur.

Time for that “new year, new me” boooooooull shit…perhaps we should swap out the “new me” part (because let’s get real…it’s a taddddd bit ambitious) and instead just opt for a new breakfast, eh? Sounds reasonable, right?


Along with my other 26323643876438738764364836483673 New Years “resolutions” it’s important to me to start off the day with a fantastic breakfast. To clarify, fantastic doesn’t mean it takes 4 hours to plate and deserves like 3 Michelin stars. It should just be nourishing, energizing, and yummy. A very wise man once said, “you can never have a bad day if you start it with a good breakfast.” I have found this to be very, very true.

Let’s examine the evidence: research has consistently shown that people who eat breakfast in the morning typically weigh less, perform better during exercise, and demonstrate higher levels of brain functioning all throughout the day! Even more interesting is the content of the breakfast itself; morning meals that have more protein, versus ones containing straight up carbohydrates, have been proven to help people feel fuller longer and, therefore, less inclined to snack after or between meals.


Being the nifty little nutrient that it is, protein has significant effects on your hunger hormones, which suppress your appetite and stabilize your blood sugar levels. Oats are a good start– they’re full of fiber and complex carbs. But what about protein? Adding a scoop of protein powder, chia, and some nuts to these grab n’ go oats will up the protein level significantly, keeping you full and satisfied to tackle any case of the Mondays. *Shudder* Simply stir up the ingredients, refrigerate, and hit the road. It’s hard to dread a commute with a mason jar filled to the brim with delicious overnight oats at your side while you crank up the radio and guesstimate how long you can make it this week without washing your hair.

More reading, less stressing. Exercising more for enjoyment rather than obligation. Feeding my body more of what it needs not to just get by, but to thrive. More herbal tea, less caffeine.  Along with some other hopeful changes this year, morning routines are being upgraded in my world; I’m focusing on how to begin each day better so that the rest of the day follows suit. 2016, I am so ready for you.

Protein-Packed Overnight Oats

Makes 1 serving

  • 1 small banana
  • 1/2 cup old fashioned rolled oats
  • 3/4 cup milk of choice
  • 1 scoop protein powder of choice
  • 2 T chia seeds or ground flax meal
  • 2 T hemp seeds
  • 1 T chopped nuts or nut butter
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp nutmeg
  • Sprinkle of sea salt
  1. Before you hit the sack, mash the banana with a fork in a small bowl until it looks like baby food. Yum.
  2. Stir in all remaining ingredients until combined. Taste and add more spices/salt if necessary.
  3. Scoop into a mason jar and stick in the fridge. In the morning, simply grab n’ go. Top with more fruit/nuts if you’re feelin like you need more fuel.

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  1. MamaBean

    Your photographs make your recipes even more inspiring to make! I LOVE how you emphasize the presentation — pretty food generally tastes better than ugly food!

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