Green Pea + Mint Wraps

Welcome to the jungle. If you think I’m referring to the recipe, think again. I’m actually referencing my life. June consists of finishing up the last class of my Master’s degree, shooting a series of 15 videos for work, another food photography session, starting my first ever internship rotation, 6 days of backpacking through Zion … [Read more…]

Beet + Burrata Tart

HEY YOU GUYYYYYYYS. I am pleased (like, tickled f*cking pink) to report The Savvy Sweet Potato has hired some (slightly hairy) kitchen help.   And by handy dandy cooking assistant I mean snores in the corner, begs for crumbs, and is just there to look cute, basically. But what can you expect? I’m on a tight … [Read more…]

Spring Green Pad Thai

I am forced to watch one of two TV programs whilst sweating all the tacos out of my skin at the gym: politics and sports. If you know me at all, you know there are two topics of which I avoid ever discussing with others: politics and sports. I’m sorry, but I have to say that watching … [Read more…]

Chai Spiced Mango Lassi

Mmmmmmm Lassi…not pronounced like the brave fictional English Rough Collie, by the way, kids. A Lassi (pronounced Luss-y, actually) is a traditional Indian beverage who’s tart, tangy, incredibly refreshing flavor and creamy, dreamy deliciousness might as well be considered the nectar of the gods. When your mouth is on fire from hoarding all the Curry … [Read more…]