Chevre Tomato Tart with Sage Crust

Much like the caterpillar emerges as a butterfly, what started as a small ball of dough… became a breathtakingly beautiful and creamy tomato tart with a savory sage-infused crust… Some of us come from humble beginnings. Not necessarily a bad thing. A lot of people ask me about the raw food diet, what’s good about … [Read more…]

Spicy Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi and me: we be gettin’ along juuuuuust fine these days. Here lies proof: I’ve been coming home from work lately, standing in the kitchen, and eating it straight out of the jar with a fork while my dog looks at me with eyes that demonstrate a complex mixture of confusion and disgust: Like, “I know … [Read more…]

Cherry Habanero BBQ Sauce

To claim that my Pops makes the best BBQ sauce in the world is a stretch. Let’s face it- I’m a broccoli-nibbling-blonde from California, not a pig-roasting-grill-master from Texas. I can’t really make that conjecture. But I will say that the guy (my Daddy) knows his BBQ, and I have never, ever questioned that. When I asked … [Read more…]

Creamy Coconut Spinach

Growing up (and okay, fine, also into my early 20’s) you couldn’t have paid me to eat a plate of spinach. Like, I would have rather munched on my own nose hair than dig into a bowl of that mushy, soggy, green, ehw. Spinach, I used to think you were totally unsexy. Ha. Joke’s on me … [Read more…]