Savory Salmon Burgers

Anyone else sick of stuffing and cranberry sauce? Me neither. I could go all month. Bring it on, baby. The turkey, well, you know my stance. Burrito-Lover (my significant other) and I had a spectacular Thanksgiving. While vegetable is normally my middle name (and the gym is pretty much my last), this week I said, “ehhh, screw … [Read more…]

Warm Winter Salad

Sick of your sad desk salad? I gotchu. As the weather gets cooler, all that beautiful summer produce disappears from the shelves. Enter (drum roll please): Warm Salads… so hot right now.  So in case you’re sitting there nibbling on a head of fresh cold cauliflower and cursing your life, you can cook your salad and still … [Read more…]

Sesame Challah Bread

So I bought a classical guitar off Craigslist. She’s a little shabby and scratched up but she’s hangin’ in there. So far I’d say I’m conquering Row, Row, Row your Boat at a mastery level. Stevie Ray Vaughan is probably rolling over in his grave, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. I named … [Read more…]