Hearty Meatless Chili

Handcuff me, please- this recipe was stolen from Burrito Lover. He’s pretty much Superman in the kitchen sans a cape- so I wasn’t at all surprised when I tasted his rendition of meatless chili and found myself going back for seconds thirds. Here it is, the mother of all vegetarian chilis and a perfect balance between the … [Read more…]

Bourbon Chocolate Pistachio Babka

How to win friends and influence people: No, seriously. I’m not sure whether it’s the visibly oozing chocolate, the perfectly spongy dough, or the aroma of all the dessert fantasies you’ve ever imagined rolled into one loaf, but this babka is a surefire way to get back into anyone’s good graces. Trying to show your … [Read more…]

Eggplant Stuffed with Creamy Coconut Lentils

Pop the champagne and uhh, stuffed vegetables… I officially hit the halfway mark in my internship year. If that doesn’t send you into a celebratory frenzy, I’ll rejoice on your behalf. You just leave it to me. *pops champagne and a stuffed eggplant with 2 noisemakers in between lips* In terms of nutrition, this dish … [Read more…]

5 Foods You Should be Eating in 2017

5 Foods You Should be Eating in 2017 As the sound of fireworks continued to explode into the wee hours of 4am, I was reminded that it’s officially 2017. Can we please sidestep falling for that “new year, new me” malarkey again? Let’s be realistic about the changes we’re going to make and actually stick with them, instead. … [Read more…]