Creamy Onion Broccoli Smash

As a kid, I despised vegetables. If you don’t believe it, just ask my mother– she’ll tell you more than you need to know. At the top of my nutrient-packed shit list? Surprise, surprise- broccoli. Something about those tiny mutant little trees just made my skin crawl. Maybe it was the fact that they were usually force fed to … [Read more…]

Rainbow Korean Bibimbap

Bibimbap bibimbap bibimbap. Say that 10x fast. This Korean dish is a bowl full of color and topped with an egg before it was cool on Instagram. Plus, it’s an easy, tasty, and super convenient way to open your pie hole and eat the rainbow. What is the point of “eating the rainbow?” Why spend our hard-earned … [Read more…]

Pepita & Kumquat Crusted Salmon

Confession: I stole these kumquats off a tree down the street. Burrito Lover said it’s public property because it’s wedged in between the sidewalk, so like, I’m good right? Don’t call the cops, guys. Please, I’m begging you. And don’t mention the one time in the 3rd grade I stole chapstick from a grocery store … [Read more…]