Black Sesame Matcha Cookies

Don’t let the color of these cookies spook you– black sesame paste is the new black. The slightly toasted, nutty flavor of the black sesame pairs so perfectly with the buttery, sweet matcha filling, the two really deserve their own reality TV show. They sort of look like reverse witch hats, right?! And hell, if these aren’t … [Read more…]

Homemade Nut Butter

You’ve got 3 days on the clock. And no Christmas present in sight. You are literally the worst. Santa wants nothing to do with you and is probably wrapping up your lump of coal as I type. Enduring the lines at the mall sounds about as appealing to you as shoving a Christmas tree where the … [Read more…]

Macaroon Chocolate Drops

This Christmas, one of the slightly depressing side effects of being a grad student is my lack of funds for gift giving. If you took a peek into my scraggly wallet from Marshalls, I am about 99.9% positive you would find anywhere from 6 to 7 cobwebs. SO. Consequently, I am giving hugs as presents this year. … [Read more…]