Pepita & Kumquat Crusted Salmon

Confession: I stole these kumquats off a tree down the street. Burrito Lover said it’s public property because it’s wedged in between the sidewalk, so like, I’m good right? Don’t call the cops, guys. Please, I’m begging you. And don’t mention the one time in the 3rd grade I stole chapstick from a grocery store … [Read more…]

Savory Salmon Burgers

Anyone else sick of stuffing and cranberry sauce? Me neither. I could go all month. Bring it on, baby. The turkey, well, you know my stance. Burrito-Lover (my significant other) and I had a spectacular Thanksgiving. While vegetable is normally my middle name (and the gym is pretty much my last), this week I said, “ehhh, screw … [Read more…]

Shrimp Dim Sum Dumplings

Holy Hell. I, white woman from the suburbs, purchased a bamboo steamer (god bless the internet) and made Dim Sum from scratch. If I can do it, trust me, you can do it. Ready? Set, get off your bum & dim summmmm. My favorite memory as a kid when we visited San Francisco was this hole … [Read more…]