Smoky Warm Corn Salad

HI. Can I just tell you about my dog, Pinot, for a sec? I know you don’t know her (well, maybe you’ve had the pleasure) so I’ll give you a snippet into her truly radiant and lovely temperament. The other day, Reid and I were having a serious conversation about our wedding budget and Pinot … [Read more…]

Roasted Beets & Labneh

It just wouldn’t be fair to my taste buds (and to all my readers) if I neglected beets the way I used to.Poor, sweet little beets. It’s très tragic but true; I used to avoid them like the plague. Beets are pretty earthy in flavor, but dammit if their dazzling juices didn’t produce some of … [Read more…]

Whole Grain Kalamata Rosemary Bread

These days, everybody’s got beef with bread. But me? I dig it. Hard. I mean, clearly. But for serious, next time someone tries to tell you they’re “like, cutting out carbs” first ask yourself, Is this person a dietitian? Do they understand what a carbohydrate is, how it functions as a macronutrient, and why we actually … [Read more…]