Lemon Pistachio Pesto

I can’t express to you just how much I love this pesto. I mean, I love all pesto (and don’t you ever, ever forget it) but this one in particular is tha bidness. Pesto is one of those foods that is highly underrated in terms of nutrition. Maybe that’s because it’s usually found flooding a giant bowl … [Read more…]

Homemade Sauerkraut

The past month has been ridic. So ludicrous, I can barely even type up this blog post without resorting to using irritating abbreviations when describing my current state of affairs. In the past month, I’ve taken 3 decently long trips (one out of state), and in the next 3 weeks, I have 2 more coming up (one of these … [Read more…]

Green Pea + Mint Wraps

Welcome to the jungle. If you think I’m referring to the recipe, think again. I’m actually referencing my life. June consists of finishing up the last class of my Master’s degree, shooting a series of 15 videos for work, another food photography session, starting my first ever internship rotation, 6 days of backpacking through Zion … [Read more…]