Purple Sweet Potato Curry Soup

Confession time: I passed my RD exam and as of Monday at 3pm and am officially a Registered Dietitian! The test itself was a doozy- full of very subjective “pick the best answer” type of questions. I can learn facts and formulas, and I have a hefty repertoire of critical thinking skills but when it came … [Read more…]

Stone Fruit Fennel Salad + Kimchi Dressing

Things just got weird. I’m talking funky-ass-kimchi-mixed-with-honey-whipped-up-with-almond-milk-slathered-over-fruit-and-fennel-weird. If you’re doubting that this salad and it’s dressing is not as kickass as I make it out to be, whip out that pencil box cuz you about to get schooled. This salad (do we even have to call it that?? How blasé) is every bit as delightfully … [Read more…]