The Edible Peace Project


If you’re reading this, you’re probably a human. And if you’re human, you are well aware that no body is perfect…and that’s alright. Starting now, I’m beginning however-long-it-takes monthly blog posts where I bequeath to you the following:

  • exactly what I, myself, am doing to self-improve: don’t really care if you’re Mother Theresa, there is always room for improvement.
  • what I’m cookin’ up in order to cope with life’s often chaotic happenings: how the nutrients that you’re putting (or not putting) into your body can have eerily-direct effects on your mood, your outlook, your attitude, your energy, your relationships, your zest for life, your vibe.
  • the science behind the ingredients: how certain foods work for or against your health, why this matters, and how switching up these foods can seriously revamp your life.
  • PLUS, a surplus of ways to enhance your life through food, gratitude, emotional intelligence, and most of all, self-love.

Introducing: The Edible Peace Project.

As it stands right meow, I am simply posting a recipe each week, and now one of these posts out of every month will be dedicated to the nutritious and delicious pursuit of peace through life’s ultimate edible pleasures. So why The Edible Peace Project and not The Health or Wellness or Diet or Nutrition Project? Well, you see friends, in my 26 years I have gathered the following about myself: with peace in my soul comes contentment, and with that comes happiness…with joy follows fulfillment from life which is so powerful, it literally dismembers anxiety. I am on a mission to improve myself and reach an inner peace through the pleasures of my greatest affinity in life: healthy foods. I am going to deliver to you a recipe that speaks to more than just your tastebuds. A recipe both for food and for life…to satiate, heal, and inspire you.

Check my posts each week and be on the lookout for additions to The Edible Peace Project.