Written Work

Articles, Studies, & Research Proposals I have written and talks I have done within the scientific field.

Prepare to be bored to death, unless your glasses are held together with scotch tape. In that case, get ready to be intellectually stimulated and delighted beyond reason. 


Efficacy of Vitex and fluoxetine on the treatment of PMDD: A research proposal for a study in determining the effectiveness of Vitex (an herbal supplement) in conjunction with fluoxetine (an SSRI) on women with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

Hypothalamic Amenorrhea : A scientific paper & research proposal on Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA). Explores etiology, potential treatments using leptin supplementation/CBT, and suggests future research.

The Breakfast Club: Protein’s Effects on Hunger Levels : An article written about the effect of protein vs. carbohydrates on satiety, energy levels, and metabolism.

Hypoglycemia: A Study on Blood Sugar and Heart Rate : A physiological experiment carried out in 2013 testing the effects of candy consumption on hypoglycemia, blood sugar, and heart rate.

Glycemic Index talk : A talk performed at CSULA in the Nutritional Science Master’s program on the glycemic index