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Any older woman awake

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Fifty may be the new forty, but, for the sleepless woman, fifty is Any older woman awake new eighty. That always happens! I will confuse the TV remote with the cordless phone and try to answer it. I could take another sleeping pill, but I worry about that.

I worry about liking sleeping pills too much. Sleeping pills always make me think of Judy Garland.

Aging & Sleep Information - National Sleep Foundation

Poor Judy. No one names anyone Judy anymore—do you ever see five-year-old Judys?

Some people who knew my husband before I knew him call me Judy. Who awakke blame them, when they know so many Judys? Are all my Judy friends up, like me? Judy in Brooklyn, are you up?

I see them.

Any older woman awake

I see them lying there in their nighties, their faces shiny with night cream. Some of us lie alone, some of us lie next to another person, who is, enragingly, sleeping like a log. How can these people next to us sleep so profoundly?


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Sleepless friends, I am thinking about you. Ginny, did you decide what to do about day camp Any older woman awake your grandchildren this summer? Martha, what are you reading to help you fall back asleep?

Will you call me tomorrow and tell me about it?

Congratulations for hanging in there. Sometimes I fall adake to the television. And a strange thing happens: My goodness, those girls must sleep well, when they finally do sleep. Do they run Any older woman awake same ones over and over, or is it that I have seen every one there is?

Sleep Tips for Older Adults -

What a scary thought. Fortunately, I never remember what happens after the opening scene, when they find the dead person, so I can watch them all over again. That was a good one.

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Friends, are you all still up? We could power something. We could light up Manhattan. We could light up Manhattan and have a huge party for all the women who are awake. I should read.

Aging changes in sleep: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Reading is too hard for the Any older woman awake of night. Reading has too many words in it. Including words I might not know. If I am too lazy to write wonan the word, I will have to make a decision about whether to dog-ear the page—bad reader citizenship!

Wanting Nsa Any older woman awake

I keep looking up the same words over and over. I Any older woman awake know a lot of words, womah. Who should be the ousterer. The theme music for the show was melancholy, shockingly so. It made you yearn, it made you homesick, even as you watched it in your own home.

Only now everything is sort of blending together. Instead of going crazy, maybe I will just lie here and regret things.

No, face it, you have some things to regret. Now you have to sit with it, as Buddha would say—or, in your case, lie with it. Not exactly the path to Slumberland.

Sleep and Growing Older

Have you done the love thing? The unconditional-love thing? Have you done it with your children? And with the person lying next to you, the one with the jitterbugging legs?

Oh, look. The city sky is turning from purplish black to. How are you, Dawn? We can keep each other company. Are you up? Awake awake awake.

Not that this sleepless business ends after a certain age. I think you have to die first. I am going to lie here and fall Any older woman awake counting all the Judys I know. Thirteen Judys. Recommended Stories.

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