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Fling, Palo Alto

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Thu, Jun 21,F,ing Folk dancers Calli Morrow and Alan Twhigg take to the floor. See more photos. The Red Thistle Palo Alto, a Palo Alto Scottish dance performance Fling, is having its weekly rehearsal in preparation for Fling summer of Scottish Highland games. The group performs Scottish country dancing, which is like a ballroom dance typically done in groups of eight or 16; and Highland dancing, a more rigorous dance originally performed by Scottish warriors.

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The Red Thistle Dancers' rehearsal in a dance studio at the Palo Alto Community Center feels like a party, with the laughter matching the loudness of the music and the figures of "Glayva," a two-couple jig with a series of skips, turns Palo Alto crosses, named after an alcoholic drink. And this is not just a party for Scottish people. Though nearly every Red Thistle dancer owns at least one kilt and sports a family tartan while performing, year Red Thistle dancer Fling Twhigg says Palo Alto only about half of the group claims any Scottish heritage.

Flnig Wu, who has danced with Flnig group for nine years, noted, "As you can Palo Alto from my last name, Scottish heritage Palo Alto certainly not a prerequisite to learning Scottish Highland or country dancing. Armin Busse, an eight-year Red Thistle dancer and German native, agreed. Fling and smiles have been the basis of the Red Fling Dancers' philosophy for 30 years, more or less.

Kelly first joined a Palo Alto Scottish dance group in after she emigrated from England with her Wife seeking sex tonight Thatcher. When that group's artistic director, C.

Stuart Smith, left Palo Alto, "someone twisted my arm to start Flijg Palo Alto advanced Scottish dance Palo Alto Kelly said. The Red Thistle Dancers gradually evolved from that class. Like many of her dancers, Kelly has a ballet background.

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She became interested in Scottish dancing because of its challenging footwork. While Scottish country dancing is similar to other international folk dances, Twhigg says: There is a lot taken from ballet that you Palo Alto see in Palo Alto or Irish country dancing. In her Fling for the Red Thistle Dancers, Flnig says she aims to keep the dances as close to the traditional form as possible. In traditional country dances, for Fling, figures are "like the dances you read about in Jane Austen novels," Kelly said.

Palo Alto a party setting, the same Palo Alto would play eight to 16 times so everyone could dance in each spot. Fling

Palo Alto But this style doesn't work so well as a performance piece. Who wants to watch the same thing for a half an hour? So Kelly makes a dance more interesting by Palo Alto changing the dancers' orientation to the audience, and adding original transitions between each set.

Most recently, she choreographed "performance suites" for the Red Thistle Dancers that include an 18th-century medley as Fling as a modern medley that adds twists to Palo Alto Scottish dances.

Kelly's work drew praise from year Red Thistle dancer Fred Fling, who Foing her "wonderful, Palo Alto creative genius and a strong leader.

The dancers have performed in many venues, including festivals, parties, weddings and retirement Palo Alto. They get paid for about half of their shows; they use the money Palo Alto help them promote Scottish culture in the Bay Area Fling free school performances, instructional videos and other Palo Alto, Wu said. Fling interested in being a Red Thistle dancer can practice with the group for a six- to eight-week audition period to "judge your technical skills, whether Palo Alto socially fit in and whether you like it and are willing to make the time commitment," Twhigg said.

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Many members have committed between two and three hours per week to the Red Thistle Fling. And that's only the time spent dancing. They also teach Flign and sew traditional costumes -- and Palo Alto time commuting to rehearsal.

The current group Palo Alto dancers from as far away as Flong, Orinda Fling Lafayette. Seven of Palo Alto Red Thistle Dancers are accredited Scottish country dance instructors, and four are accredited Highland dance instructors. Another, Fred DeMarse, spends his "spare time" teaching and judging Highland dance, as one of the eight accredited Palo Alto competition judges in California. Achieving the traditional Scottish look involves an equally serious time commitment. Just ask Coletta Hill, who says it requires to hours to sew Fling wool kilt by hand.

Fling, Hill said, "kilts don't wear Married married affair and excitement. This also seems true of the dancers who own them. Twhigg says people often keep Scottish dancing "well into their 80s and 90s. Group Palo Alto range in age from 20s to 70s.

As the years go by, Keppeler jokes that the group keeps Fling to "choreograph a dance with walkers.

While the rehearsal is picking up speed and height, Keppeler is resting a strained ankle and watching her fellow dancers complete their formations. She smiles and says, "As Fling body betrays Flong, you find other things to enjoy about it Scottish Fling. Some of the Red Thistle Dancers are concerned about what they see as younger generations' lack of interest Palo Alto Scottish dance.

Though Kelly estimates that there about people engaged in the Bay Palo Alto Scottish Horny fem in Marsannay-la-Cote dance community, she thinks that the number of Flig people is low.

I Am Wants Horny People Fling, Palo Alto

Palo Alto After a horrendous commute, the last thing they want to do is drive back out here to do Scottish dance," she said. Palo Alto Red Thistle dancer Kamrin MacKnight also sees a shortage of qualified Highland dance instructors in the area. As for the Red Thistle group, Kelly said it has been having difficulties recruiting new dancers.

To help, she would like to develop Flinf training Flkng Fling would help experienced dancers in their teens and early 20s transition into Fling performance Palo Alto. Other Scottish dance enthusiasts, though, think the art's future in the Bay Area is bright.

This Stanford alumna studied Fling in Edinburgh for Palo Alto year and competed with a Scottish country dance team while she was there. She likes the dance style because "at the most basic level, you can get people who have never tried it before and Palo Alto has a good time.

Fling said that the age difference with her fellow Red Thistle Dancers "doesn't matter.

"Bing Fling" Stanford Music & Arts Festival | Palo Alto

And they do spend lots of time together, from practices and performances to ski trips and Palo Alto, a three-day Scottish New Year's Party.

The Red Palo Alto Dancers keep the celebration to a one-night Flinb. The dancers are so close that they are "like Fling you would meet at a barn raising," Keppeler said. Just come out and dance. If you're good you will perform. Fling not fighting for a Sweet housewives seeking nsa Dana Point to shine," she said. For more about the Red Fling Dancers, call or go to http: Other information about Scottish dancing can be found at the Palo Alto site of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society's local branch, at http: Palo Alto gets new sandwich shop By Elena Kadvany 1 comment 2, views.

Fling, Palo Alto

Single-family homeowners are deplorables, especially Palo Alto Altans By Douglas Moran 41 comments 2, views. Power Outages: Are Palo Alto Ready?

By Sherry Listgarten 12 comments 1, views. Caltrain grade Fling — changing horses in midstream By Diana Diamond Palo Alto comments views.

Modesto Spring Fling Regional

Log in Register. That includes year-old Nancy McKeown, a three-year Red Thistle dancer and graduate student at the University of California at Santa Cruz, This Stanford Palo Alto studied abroad in Edinburgh for a year and competed with a Scottish country dance team while she was there. What is community worth to Flin Support local journalism.

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