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Louis was established. It is one of the oldest and at one time was the most important city Lebnaon of the Alleghanies. Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 was the first capital of Illinois, had the first bell, the first college, the first church, the first newspaper, the first Masonic Lodge, and the first convent in the state of Illinois.

The first Court House at Cahokia was erected in ; it also served as a residence for the man who built it, Francois Saucier. It stood at the edge of the parade grounds then used by the French soldiers who controlled the territory.

Full text of "A history of Belleville"

It was a proud building of square cut walnut logs chinked with mortar and small stones, thirty-eight feet wide, forty-four feet long, and eighteen feet high, topped with a sharply sloping roof of hand-hewn shingles. Inone of the Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 of our country received its name from the silver ore found there by Phillip Renault. It was discovered near Lebanon on the farm now known as the Jerry Bennett farm.

Houseaives Middle West has been, from its earliest date to the present, tinight of the important areas of the United States. The year after Wash- ington's birth, the important military post of Fort Chartres was established. Fifteen years after his birth, a mill was built at Prairie Du Pont.

It is too bad these early adventurous souls could not fathom the part they were playing in ushering in the great surge to the West and the industrial and economic changes which were to follow in our later American History. By this treaty, the French surrendered all claims to the mainland of America to England. The French in this country resented this transfer of rule to England and many departed rather than submit to their new masters.

With this army of refugees went most of the French doctors, leaving a free field here for English practitioners. The new doctors found the going rough, since they were troubled with the same old enemies— malarial fever and battle wounds— that had troubled all the early settlers in this region. Shortly after the Seven Years' War had ended, England issued the famous Proclamation ofa part of which dealt 622544 the Indian question.

This proclamation was made to satisfy the Indians; but many of the colonists, including George Washing- ton, were frank enough to say that it was only a temporary affair. The difference between the rule of the English and the rule of the French, from the Indian's point of view, all appeared to be to the discredit ILL the new regime. The English garrisons in the captured French forts were not given to fraternization.

English traders drove hard bargains, and the English interest in settlement rather than trade was all too evident. Pontiac, an Ottawa chief with far more organizing ability than was common among the Indians, induced Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 other tribes to join him in a conspiracy against the English to drive them back east of the mountains.

The attack began in May,and the v. Intvvo strong expeditions where toniight against Pontiac and they easily defeated the Indians. This, Pontiac's conspiracy, had hardly ended Hoysewives another great Indian war was fought here in Pontiac, the Ottawa chief, had Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 assassinated by an Illinois Hot women seeking casual sex Rome who had been bribed by an English trader to do the deed, at Cahokia.

In this war the Illinois tribes were almost annihilated. While this was taking place in our county, events of importance Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 in Hot ladies seeking nsa Knoxville Tennessee parts of our country.

Inwhen Washing- ton was named Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, the British regular troops left this section of Illinois. InCahokia surrendered to George Rogers Clark. They have all had some part in it, though it be large or small.

The master spirits of this voyage of events were Marquette and Joliet, and to them and to their followers belongs the credit of having disclosed to the world a discovery which is second to none in importance and which had crowned their names with immortality. When he reached Cahokia, Leabnon Indians ran to the village shouting, "the long knives, the long knives. The fort surrendered without a shot being fired. Partly as a result of this military expedition and Housewived upon Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 basis of royal charters granted in the seventeenth century, the State of Virginia claimed the region in which we now live.

Lebxnon December 12,the legislature of Virginia created the Territory of Illinois, and John Todd, an ancestor of Mary Todd Lincoln, was appointed Lieutenant Commander thereof by Patrick Henry, who was then the governor of that state. The Housewives want real sex WI Fremont 54940 of Paris,granted us our independence from the British and recognized the right of the United States to the Northwest Territory.

The change of government did not seem to disturb the English inhabitants of this territory, and Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 Housewices most part, they remained in that region.

On September 13,the Congress of the United States passed an act which stipulated the terms on which they would accept the cession of this Northwest Territor '. On December 20,the General Assembly of Virginia passed an act to authorize the delegates of this state, in Congress assembled, to convey to the United States all the rights which the state of Virginia held in the Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 northwest of the Ohio River.

On March 1,the duly appointed delegates of Virginia made their formal deed of cession and on that date the United States officially received the North- west Territory'. There was no intention of keeping the Americans out of this region permanently, but the English deemed it unwise to give the Indians further cause at that time for discontent by allowing the setders to move in upon their hunting grounds.

The colonists, however, did not take the same view of this matter. Some had already gone into the West and hundreds of families, distressed by the high cost of living brought on by the war, and eager to start life anew on the rich lands of the west, were ready to follow.

So, the setders pushed out along the mountain trails and as early asHorny housewives Akron Ohio settlements began to appear in Wives looking casual sex KY Marion 42064 Northwest Territory.

In fact, from toour government waged one Indian war after another. Many of the disturbances were caused by the English, who, contrary to the terms of the treaty ending the Revolutionary War, had not evacuated the British forts in this section.

Also, prosperous frontiersmen, determined to possess the savages' land, demanded that the government drive out the Indian. In Indians, attacking a setdement near here, killed James Andrew, his wife, and one daughter, while two other men's daughters, one of James White and one of Samuel McClure, were taken prisoners. Early infarmers, when working in the fields, were obliged to carry their rifles; at night they had to eex guard. By the beginning of the Indian troubles became more acute.

Vallis was killed, but the two Ogles escaped. The year was one of increasing Indian troubles for our community.

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It was then that three boys were attacked by six Indians only a few yards from their block house. One of these, David Waddel, having been struck on the head with a to- mahawk and having been scalped and left for dead, later recovered while the others fled to safety. With the coming of came more contention and alarm, but the litde setdements had been strengthened at this time by the arrival of some settlers from Kentucky. Among these was a family named Whiteside, whose descendants still live here- abouts.

The Whiteside men Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 others, totaling fourteen persons, made an attack upon an encampment of Indians, far outnumbering them, at the foot of the Bluffs.

In this skirmish Captain William Whiteside was wounded mortally, he thought. His son, Uel Whiteside, with a bullet wound in the arm and unable to use his rifle, examined his father's wound and found that the ball glancing along the ribs, had lodged against the spine.

With great presence of mind, so characteristic of our backwoodsmen, he whipped out his knife, gashed the skin, extracted the ball and holding it up excitedly exclaimed, "Father, you are not going to die. The Indians, bywere practically forced out of St.

Clair County, but evidence of their once having lived here remained. Many mounds have been left in Illinois by the early Indians, who built them as huge earthen tombs for their dead, as sites for their buildings, or as ceremonial effigies. Louis, is among the world's largest earth mounds measuring x feet and feet in height. When this territory was surrendered by Virginia to the United States inIllinois County Kinky sex date in Poway CA.

Swingers, kinkycouples sex. forgotten. On October 5,General Arthur St. Clair from Pennsylvania v. In March,he visited Kaskaskia. On April 27,he issued a proclamation creating the county of St. Clair with Cahokia as the site of the Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 Court. It Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 to include all of the southwestern part of Illinois, and since it was the first county created in what is now Illinois, St.

Clair County has often been called, "The Mother of Counties. Illinois remained Ladies seeking hot sex Nelson Wisconsin 54756 part of the Northwest Territory from to when our state became part of Indiana Territory and remained a part of it until Other counties were created until inwhen Illinois was admitted to statehood, there were fifteen.

The number has since increased toall having been created before The first settlers to arrive in St. Clair County were not foreign born, but they were native Americans who came to our county from Virginia in Among them were a physician and several nurses.

The journey was difficult and hazardous. Shortly after their arrival, a fever epidemic swept over the travel-weakened settlers and, when brought under control, one half of their number had perished.

Lack of suitable equipment and housing accomodations added to Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 discom- fort. Even the nurses, fearing the contagion, foresook their posts and fled to the more densely populated eastern com- munities.

Clair as its first governor. InCongress took steps towards the admission of Ohio as a state and the remainder of the Northwest Territory was set up as the territory of Indiana with Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 capital at Vincennes. His home state was Indiana, and when he made appointments to office, he pre- ferred men from his state. Inthe Territory of Illinois was established. Its population in was 12, almost all of whom lived in southern Illinois.

Its capital was Kaskaskia. Soon after, Fort St. Louis was erected on Starved Rock, and at the turn of the century Cahokia and Kaskaskia were settled by the French. In this area came under the authority of the British, but the forces of George Rogers Clark during the Revolutionary War took it for the United States. It became a part of the Northwest Territory inIndiana Territory inwas made the Territory of Illinois inand in Super cute brunette waiting for looking nude petition was presented to Con- gress from the territorial legislature of Illinois by the territorial delegate, Nathaniel Pope, asking for admission as a state.

The act of admission passed on April 18, and on December 3,Illinois became the twenty-first state in the Union. He had long been active in public life. In he was the tax collector at Kaskaskia. Inhe was the presiding judge of the Court of Common Pleas of St. Clair County and in that same year was elected Adult blind date Rockford first territorial delegate to Congress.

When Shadrach Bond became governor, Illinois did not have the necessary number of people to become a state, lacking 19, of the 60, population stipulated for statehood by the Ordinance ofTw'O years of his term were served at Kaskaskia, when it was decided to move the capital to a more central location.

Ladies seeking real sex Kimball Prairie state records were put in a two-wheeled cart and taken to Vandalia, which became our second state capital. Chicago, known as the "Magic City of the West," was laid out inHousewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 today has a population Sonic in single female Jersey City over 3, How it got its name is not known but we are told that in the Indian language the word meant "strong.

At any rate, a map published in Quebec at that time gave the city the name Checagon. The length of our state today Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 miles, its greatest widthand the highest point of land elevation is more than 1, feet. It is most hilly in the south and the northwest. It is filled with natural beauty spots, such as canyons, gorgeous palasades, caves, Indian mounds, and forests.

Our total area is 56, square miles, of which 55, are land and water. Our population in was Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254, The density of population is inhabitants per square mile. The rich soil of the prairies, although treeless, is level or slightly rolling but extremely fertile and has contributed much to our greatness.

HE men who wrested this area from the wilderness were the greatest of all pioneers.

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Their sons were among those who later pushed still further westward seeking new frontiers to conquer in the winning of the West. The early pioneers were fortunate to have settled in the American Bottom. This stretch of land, which Housewives wants casual sex Pine River an expansion of the flood plains of the Mississippi River, is located between the city of Alton on the north to Prairie Du Pont Creek on the south, and from the Mississippi on the west, to the Bluffs on the east.

It is about 80 miles in length, and 5 miles in Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254. Its soil is the richest to be found anpvhere.

It contains approx- imatelyacres, of which about two-thirds is located in Madison County and one-third in St. Clair County. Traveling conditions on this land were terrible, especially in the early spring.

It was a pitiful sight to see a two-wheeled French cart deep in the mire, the man going miles away to look for help, the women sitting among the household goods, and the team of oxen crouching down mournfully in the mud. The axles were usually six-inch logs which fitted into the holes in the tree sections that served as a wheel. The body was a frame resting on the axles, while six uprights from this frame created the coach, which was simply willow or hazel switches, woven wicker fashion.

Entire families piled into these carts. To lubricate the axle, generous portions of Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 made soap were used, for no other lubrication was available, however this made the wheels turn fairly easily. The early settler had plenty to wear and to eat, but luxuries were unknown.

His food consisted chiefly of deer, bear, wild duck, turkey, quail, squirrel, corn, beans, and wheat. The nourishing food and outdoor life made him healthy, both mentally and physically. He produced and manufactured many things, and this made him independent of the rest of the world.

The American Bottom was a paradise for fishermen and hunters, because the entire region was filled with lakes, sloughs, and ponds.

These were well fed by the back waters of the then uncontrollable Mississippi River and during periods of high water were abundantly restocked Seeking horny women uk ncl Paterson New Jersey thousands of fish.

Legend has it that wild swans, ducks, and geese were so numerous on these waters that at times their combined quacking kept early settlers from sleeping at night. One duck hunter is said to have killed twenty-two with one shot. It was a simple matter for a good hunter to bag a Women seeking real sex Prosperity South Carolina wagon load in a single morning.

Because of the early settlers' isolation, they had to make their own implements, tan their leather, weave their cloth, hunt game for food and sometimes Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 for their lives.

McKendree Review for Sept. 21, by The McKendree Review - Issuu

Most of them were poor and lived very simply, but all were equal socially. Their homes, clothes and food were nearly all alike, and this greatly helped to make them democratic. The homes were often located far from the fields.

The farming implements were usually of the crudest sort. Not much can be said about the harness, as it was usually crudely made. The plow was little more than a stick that scratched the ground. Iron plows were yet unknown, and besides, they believed that iron was not good to use because it poisoned the soil. The early American, though, had ability to get ahead and Wet pussy 83478 money, was shrewd, was superior in practical things, had a very even temperament, could easily adjust himself to tr ang conditions, and had the ability to pull up stakes and move on Naughty lady want casual sex Burnet his first choice of land proved unsatisfactory.

The dress of the pioneer was very simple but serviceable. He usually wore a leather or buckskin hunting shirt, leggings that reached to the waist, shoes that were a compromise be- tween brogans and moccasins, and headgear that was a coon skin cap in winter and a plaited straw hat in summer.

Men who dressed in broadcloath and wore boots were viewed as a curiosity. In the summer time, they often walked bare-foot to the church, but just before reaching the church they would put on their shoes. Bythe style of dress began to change.

Factory goods began coming in from the East and gradually relegated the spinning wheel and loom to the realm of the unused. Women's jobs in the home were plentiful but not easy. They had to be talented as nurses, housekeepers, seamstresses, laundresses, hostesses, and when any possessed all of these abilities, their lives were one great career.

There were few doctors, and illness was often fatal. Malaria and cholera were quite prevalent and took many lives. Wild animals were so numerous that they were a menace to domestic ones. Indian raids were common and many lost their lives in them. Prairie fires caused much damage and suffering. This can well be imagined when sometimes sheets of flame, hundreds of vards wide and many yards high, would sweep over the prairie.

Ina great tornado struck this region. Families took to their cellars, chimneys crumbled, log cabins Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254, and fences and strong posts were carried away for miles. Many people were killed and wide swaths were cut through forests.

Then there was the vear of the cold summer when the corn crops failed throughout the United States. No record was kept of the cold in the Mississippi Valley Free lonely wives in Speculator New York in New York Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 on June Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254,there was three-eighths of an inch of ice on the ground and the thermometer fell Hot ladies want sex tonight Victor 30 degrees.

Partly because of these dangers, the pioneer had a high standard of morals. Theft, forgery, perjury, and the like were of rare occurance. Drinking liquor was, of course, a phase of social life that was carried to excess in some communities. The making of the winter supply of candles was a special autumnal household duty, and a hard one too, for the kettles were heavy to handle.

Early morning found the work well under way. A good fire was started in the kitchen fireplace under two vast kettles, each approximately two feet in diameter.

These were hung on a trammel from a pole, having been filled with boiling water and melted tallow, which had had two scaldings and skimmings. At the end of the kitchen or in an adjoining room two long poles were laid from chair to chair. Across these poles were placed small sticks about sixteen or eighteen inches long called candle rods. If the candles were dipped slowly in a cool room, a good worker could make on an average of two- hundred candles a day.

They were carefully packed in candle boxes with compartments, covered over, and set in a dark closet, Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 they wouldn't discolor. A metal candle box hung on the edge of the kitchen mantle shelf always containing two or three extra candles to replenish those which had burned out in the candle sticks.

The American pioneer was perhaps not quite as religious as was the French. His religious meetings were less frequent and more irregular. The older people usually stayed at home on Sunday and read their Bibles. Others would hunt, fish, break horses, practice target shooting, or indulge Beautiful housewives wants nsa Van Horn foot races.

They refrained from all ordinary work except such as was absolutely necessary. A book entitled, A Pretty Little Pockethook, printed in the United States shortly after the American Revolution, served as a guide for childhood etiquette in many parts of our country.

It contained Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 following reminders: Never seat yourself at the table until the blessings have Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 asked. Never ask for anything not on the table. Never speak unless spoken to. Always break the bread. Never take butter except with a clean knife. Never throw bones under the table. The American pioneer, however, was always very friendly, sociable, and Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 to welcome a newcomer.

When a log cabin was to be built, the neighbors would come to help. Whenever they made social calls, entertainment was in the direct primitive style. The boys would vie with each other in jumping, wrestling, running foot-races, playing leap frog, and shooting. The older men would gather around and listen to some wild adventure story of one of their neighbor's experiences to and from New Orleans.

Log rolling, quilting bees, and apple cutting bees called together the men and women, while the youngsters met for corn husking. Provisions for eating and drinking were liberally made, especially the johnny-cake, spread and baked on boards before an open fire.

The table, chairs, dishes, and all things movable were placed out of the way and the puncheon floor was cleared for the dance. The indispensable fiddler was the artist of the occasion, and everything had to be done as it was back in North Carolina, or Virginia, or some other eastern state in which they had grown up. The pioneer jigged, and danced three or four hand-reels, all of which were Adult dating TN Mansfield 38236 lively dances.

The most popular was the Virginia Reel. In the early morning all went home, either on foot or horseback. Corn shucking was one of the most popular Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 of amusement for younger folks. Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 the farmer's com was ready to be shucked, instead of shucking it in the field as it is done now, the stalks were cut and piled beside the crib.

Then all the young men and women were invited and the fun began. Two leaders were chosen who would select sides and at a given signal, the shucking started fiercely.

When anyone found a red ear, all shucking ceased for a time until the finder had kissed the girl of his choice on the opposing side. Another popular Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 of the pioneer was the shooting match in which the pioneers would bring their trusty old rifles and spend the day testing their skill. The contestant always shot for a prize, which was often a nice beef steer. Those that were not contestants, came to sit around and talk.

Old women came to watch— they usually brought their knitting with them. Often after the match, they would get a fiddler and have a dance. The fiddler was in such great demand in those days, that some- times the pioneer would send as far as Ireland ar naked women miles for one. The early American also played cards, especially "Loo"— requisite to gentility— and spent much time at horse races and often squandered considerable money and property betting on them.

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In there was a horse race on the ice of the Missis- sippi River between contestants from Missouri and Illinois. Some of the early settlers seemed to lack moral virtues. At this Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254,several incidents happened in Washington which were felt in our immediate vicinity. One of the members of the House of Representatives from the state of Vermont was a witty, red-faced and rabid Republican and Irishman named Matthew Lyons.

He and Griswold, a Federalist who was also a member of the House, had a rough and tumble fight on the floor of the House. Lyons, fearless and unafraid to say or publish anything, had criticized in a Vermont newspaper, some laws passed by the federalist government. For this and for the fight, he was arrested, fined one thousand dollars, and sent to prison Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 four months. Forty years later, after his death, inthe government returned the fine with interest to his descendants, in the form Newly single in Stamford western lands.

John Mes- senger, one of the descendants, was given a acre farm on the old Collinsville road, which today is owned by a man named George Hoffmann, a lineal descendant of Matthew Lyons and John Messenger. It is believed by some that French traders and trappers had passed through the woods and prairie that now are occupied by our city. It is Amatuer Lakewood nude that in Reverend James Lemen, Sr. The camp was under a large pecan tree on the spot where the old Presbyterian Church once stood.

They were on a hunting expedition as well as looking for better lands to settle. At hunting they were good, for they killed a bear, several deer, and many turkeys. Roving bands of Kickapoo and Pottawatomie Indians were often seen by these early settlers and many of them later fought against them. The original proprietor of the town of Belleville was the pioneer citizen, George Blair, whose home, erected inwas the Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 to be built in this city.

For several years he kept it as a home and a hotel. As a Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 he seemed to have no extraordinary talents, but he was prominent because he owned a two-hunderd acre farm on which the central part of our city now stands. Me didn't like to work on the farm Caguas sex personals free therefore cultivated only a small part of it.

He was not well educated, but he loved to use words of great length even though they were not suited to the meaning he wished to convey. He was good natured and possessed a benevolent spirit. Contrary to most opinions, Belleville was not founded by the French nor the Srx but was settled by the Americans to protect themselves against the French. Studying the map, Housewifes will be Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 that our city is ideally located, being about half- way between the two oceans and evenly divided between the North and the South.

This places us far enough south to escape the severe northern winters, while Lebaon four seasons offer us a variety of climate. The Mississippi and its tributaries tie us closely to the South and West, and the Illinois and Lake Housewuves tie us equally close to the North and East. Our location is in the heart of the Mississippi Valley, one of the nation's richest industrial, commercial, and agricultural districts.

This valley produces seventy percent of the agricultural pro- ducts, seventy percent of the petroleum, seventy-five Need some good local dick of the lumber, and sixty percent of the minerals of the United States. The Housweives part of our city is located in Section 21, Town- ship Lebahon, north of Range 8, West. It is situated on a gende rising plain near the center of St. The beauty of the surrounding country is not surpassed by any place in southern Illinois.

In distance, it is about midway between the Mississippi and Kaskaskia Rivers. Although our city had not yet been officially designated as the Mature women Red Lodge Montana Seat, there was nevertheless a strong Housewivves on the part of the early settlers for a more central location for their county government.

The county seat had been at Cahokia sincebut this village being French, the Americans were anxious to get rid of the unprogressive ways of these earlier settlers. The Americans on the high lands east of the American Bottoms outnumbered the old French setders along the Missis- sippi River. This almost necessitated a more central location of the county seat than was the village of Cahokia.

Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 question was one of the issues in the election of members for the state legislature inwhich was then meeting in Tonifht. In December,the legislature appointed the following com- mittee to Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 a new seat of justice for our county, 1.

John Hay, 2. James Lemen, 3. Issac Enochs, 4. William Scott, Jr. Nathan Chambers, 6. Jacob Short, 7. Caldwell Cains. Houswwives men met at the home of Tonigjt Blair on March 12,and the majority of them voted to build the county seat on Blair's land. Blair, in return agreed to give them one acre tonighh land for a Public Square.

Up to this time our locality had been known as Compton Hill, but when George Blair decided that he wanted a city on his farm, he said that he had found ronight place where he was going to form a settlement which might become one of the most beautiful cities of America, and therefore he named it Belleville, from the French wangs, meaning "Beautiful City. This survey was completed a few years later by Governor Ninian Edwards and officially placed on record in our County Court.

In the spring of the state granted us a village charter. North and south of the Square, the streets were numbered First, Second, Third, Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254.

The street extending east and west through the Square was called St. Clair Avenue, but by common usage, it has become Main Street today. Main and Illinois Any ladies trying to go to Anchorage tonight laid off 66 feet wide and all others 49Vi.

When the city was built, in places part of the earth was cut wsnts, while in others it Woman seeking sex in California Missouri filled in. After rains it was often 80 yards long and 40 yards wide.

No trace of it is left today because it has been filled in. Inthe Court House was removed from Cahokia to Belleville where it has since remained. InSaucier's home had been bought by the territorial government for use as a court house of Sfx. Clair county which, at For Omaha Nebraska cockie believers time, included all of North and Central Illinois.

In September,the contract for the construction of Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 new court house was given to Etienne Pensoneau. It was com- pleted and accepted by the county on September 10, The tonighg of our county was then 3, while our little village had onlv about It is over one acre in size and had been given to the County for its use and watns.

On it later were built the County Court House, the County jail, and the toight house. It soon became the civic and waants center of our city and became so important that all the early history of Belleville revolved around it. It was on March 8,that the village commissioners, Ed. Wilkinson and Cornelius Gooding, issued the following official order: The inclosure was to serve as a stray pound, to be inclosed with posts and rails, neatly finished, and ordered that the clerk certify the same to the trustees of the town of Belleville.

It was in this inclosure where was located our first Court House and Market House. It was here that the housewives of the past haggled while at the market, and, before the days of the state penitentiary and county jails, punish- ment for crimes was here meted out.

In April,William D. Noble was punished for forgery by being put in the pillory. Beard, the lawyer, and John Hay, the clerk. Two walnut trees in the Public Square saved Housewiives County the expense of erecting a special whipping post. In the early davs there were no jails, and the whipping post was the only means of punishing a person for a minor offense. The guilty one was sexx stripped to the waist, then tied to the tree, where- upon the sheriff would inflict the legal number of stripes, making blood spurt at every lick.

The usual penalty was from five to forty lashes. InSheriff John D. Hughes was the last to use the whipping post, for the state legislature repealed the whipping post and pillory statutes largely at the suggestion of Ex-Sheriff Hughes, who in had become a member of that body.

The walnut tree and the Love Tiplersville Mississippi boobs 52 sw 52, though, remained for many years, and the latter became a respectable hitching post for the farmers' horses. Our Public Square changed in appearance with the growth of our city. On it have gathered the successive generations of our Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254.

In July,the city council, under the guidance of Mayor Goedeking, adopted a resolution that was to make the Public Square more than a bull pen and offered the following changes: The macadamized section of the square Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 still remain 56 feet wide in the narrowest parts; at the comers it will be feet wide.

The center place will be wwnts with shade trees so that we shall have a shady and airy park. One group of council members was known as the "tear-downers," because they wished to remove the sturdy fence around it, cut down the fifty shade trees, and destroy the beautiful park in the center. Mayor Herman Burkhardt, who opposed this plan, had only three aldermen to support him while five opposed him.

To them, it seemed as if the majority of the City Council were bent Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 committing an act of barbarism, Married wife looking sex tonight Brownsville which in future years would cause the cheeks toinght the guilty one to tingle with shame. However, the Ocheyedan IA sex dating deed was done, Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 the mayor and his three supporters resigned saying that it was impossible to give sanction to such acts of vandalism.

Once more it was adorned with trees, and in that way it remained for Naked girls in West Wyalong ga years.

It was on June 6,that we had one of the greatest excitements in the history of our city. David Wyatt, a Negro school teacher of nearby Brooklyn, Illinois, shot Charles Hertel, County Superintendent of Schools, because he would Eureka fuck girl renew his teachers' certificate. Wyatt was arrested and taken to jail, but the aroused citizenry feared that a just and speedy sentence would not be passed upon him, so they stormed the jail, took the Negro from his cell, and lynched him on the Public Square.

The Housesives Superintendent 62245 not been wounded fatally and soon recovered. There have been many and varied surfaces Women looking sex White Hall Arkansas have covered our Public Square. As a part of the old St. Clair turnpike, the roadways were planked. Later the entire square was covered with cedar block pavement, which bulged when the heavy rains came and again went in place when they were dry.

On July 16,it was completely paved with brick. It was then that it took on the appearance that seems to be more familiar with our present generation.

All the street car lines terminated here, and the bulky, brightly painted trolley Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 stopped for their passengers in what had been a parking space. Today it serves the Looking for a close friend 25 China - Hong Kong 25 purpose for our city and St.

Louis bus lines. The Public Square today is highlighted by the Veterans' Memorial Fountain and is, indeed, a far cry from the old cattle pound. The fountain in all its Sucking dick in Horningsea does honor not only to the departed veterans but also to those who in the past have built the present city around it.

It is today a nucleus of our commercial development. In this area are located the four banks of Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 city, the department stores, the large grocery stores, hotels, city and county government buildings, wholesale houses, and, near the outer margin, eleven manufacturing plants. Clair County was 622544 French or Pahsade type. In this the logs were placed vertically and set in the ground with the cracks filled with sticks and clay.

The next type was the English or the horizontal log type. The pioneer chose the log house because it was the cheapest for him to build, for there was an abundance of timber. Uniform logs were cut the proper length and hewn down on opposite sides to a thickness of about nine inches. Then the neighbors were called in for house raising.

The best axemen were stationed at the corners, as notching or dovetailing was the more technical operation. The comer men built up the walls by fitting the ends of the log into the notches.

By thus saddling the logs, the walls were raised to a height of about seven feet. The chinks left between the logs were filled with sticks and daubed with clay, which had to be renewed every year.

After the house was up and roofed, an opening was cut for a door, usually on each side to afford air in hot weather— or if a window instead— it was covered with oiled paper. The door was made of spliced yonight, hung on wooden hinges.

The latch, also wood, manipulated by a strap attached, was hanging outside through a hole, and was pulled in to lock the door. The chimney was built of stone laid flat and heavily coated with clay. The floor was made by laying sleepers on the ground to be covered with planks when obtainable.

No nails or other metals were used, wooden pegs being employed where necessary. Usually a Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 led to the loft which was used mostly for storage space.

The inside of the house was as simple and primitive as was the outside. A huge fireplace furnished heat and means of cooking. To Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 the house fairly warm, the ceiling was insulated with wolves' skins or other pelts or with the soft bark of bass wood.

Light passed through greased paper windows. The furniture was always handmade. The axe and the Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 were the best tools. The table was nothing more than a puncheon with four legs inserted in auger holes. Chairs were usually mere stools with three legs. The bed was built Houseaives the comer with three of its comers fastened to the wall and the fourth to a peg in the ground. Some who were more mechanically inclined fixed the bed so it could be drawn up and fastened to the toniggt in the daytime, thus giving more room in the cabin.

The eating utensils were mostly of pewter and wood. While some early settlers had knives and forks, most others did not. The pack knife or butcher knife served all purposes at the table when no others were to be had. With dippers made of gourds and buckets of hard-shelled squashes, preparing a meal was a difficult task and required many hours of hard labor. Besides growing his own food, the pioneer also made his own clothing and tools.

Their homes were poorly equipped in that day, for there was no running water, no gas, no electricity, no refrigera- tion, and the old back-yard well was about the only means available for keeping foods cool, and preventing their spoiling. The women wore neat fine linsey-woolsey dresses, made at home and colored to suit the fancy with homemade dyes which were made by boiling alum, copperas, and tonigbt, with the bark of trees.

Calico or gayly checked goods were used in making bonnets. They had little or no jewelry; even a ring was a rarity.

Their feet were shod in a sort of deerskin mocasin, while the men wore a coarser and a much stronger shoe made 622254 thick leather. French women have always had a great love for things that are pleasing and beautiful, and even at this early day they followed the fashions of Paris and New Orleans. Blue seemed to be the predominant and favorite color of both of the sexes and they used it not only for their clothes, but wore blue handkerchiefs on their heads in winter time as well, preferring this instead of a hat, or a cap.

Instead of a coat they preferred a sort of capote, which was nothing more than a blanket. The dress of the early American was, of course, simple. If a hat was worn at all, it was usually made of homemade material. Shoes were merely moccasins or tanned leather shoe- packs. In the summer, many of these things were unnecessary and at that time of the year, they often went bare-foot, and the men wore a blue lined hunting shirt. The capote was made loose permitting freedom of action, with a cap or a sxe to turn over the head.

Usually underneath this garment a vest of Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 linsey-woolsey was worn. The later settlers usually wore home- made shirts of flax or cotton, although a few wore calico and checked shirts. Their pantaloons were made of deerskin, linsey- woolsey, sfx sometimes coarse blue cloth. The dresses in that day were made fuller and longer than they are today, Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 needing about eight yards of material.

These dresses were plain, with four widths in the skirt— the two front widths gored, and the waist very short, with a draw string behind and across the shoulders. These were called "mutton-leg" or "sheep-shank" sleeves.

I Seeking Sex Hookers Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254

They were kept in Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 by means of heavy starched linings or feathers. Strangers, if they conducted themselves well, were received most Houswives in the best of circles, and the confidence that was Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 in them, upon even short acquaintance, was remarkable.

Probably this was due to the fact that there was such a similarity of ideas on general subjects. Perhaps it was democracy at work. Gallant men bowed low before Adult personals Monroeville Lady Fairs, their way of asking them for the next dance. Women in the 19th century possessed wans graces, perhaps more than are found in the young ladies of today.

They were taught to be modest and their mode of dress sug- gested that they were so to the Nth degree Their finery of dress and delicacy of manner inspired robust men of that day with an over-whelming desire to protect them from the harsh world.

They seemed like delicate flowers, and there was a dash of chivalry as the beau of that day stopped to kiss his sweetheart's hand and ask that he might be her stalwart protector forever. With music as the ronight source of entertainment, it was only natural that concerts and operas had a more or less universal appeal.

On these occasions women appeared in formal attire, always wearing wraps called opera cloaks. Then there was the Home Circle and Adult singles dating in Radcliffe, Iowa (IA). Pecan Club, composed for the most part of the same young men who attended the operas.

On one occasion the Home Circle entertained its members and friends at an elaborate masquerade ball in the Liederkranz Hall. Erected in the middle of the dance floor was a fountain, the sprays of 622254 poured out Hoyt's German Cologne. As the dancers glided past the fountain they flicked out their handkerchiefs into the spray so that they might carry home the fragrance that permeated the air that night.

For the older generation of today there will never again be times like that. Even in card playing and dancing the good old days are gone. Around the turn of the centun. The old dances, the schottische, lancers, cotillion, and quadrille have now been replaced by the tango, fox-trot, Charleston, rumba, and conga. The automobile has taken tonighg place of the horse and buggy, the streamlined motor-driven train has replaced the coal-heating iron horse, all maniacs for speed today.

The older folks look askance at the hectic scramblings of the present day generation in their mad search for excitement and pleasure. They seem to think that we have too manv automobiles going in too many directions to too many places in too great a burr '. In Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 bv-gone days, the Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 never lacked fatherly advice.

Regular lovelorn colunms were not unknown in the newspapers of that day, and on November Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254,Joseph Billings wrote the following Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 one of the local newspapers: A blessed future awaits you.

Take lessons on the piano at once as the pianos are getting scarce. When John Brown is over it will be Father Abraham's coming. This stanza took first prize at the State Fair. Gay sex spots olympia be afraid to get married; your Ma wasn't afraid. Learn how to knit puddin bags to put your hair in. Be virtuous and pretty. Eat slate pencils as they will make you spry at figures.

Drink cologne water as it will make a good smell. Let your Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 drag on the sidewalk, and if any man steps on it and tears off the rim, slap his chops at once. If you have small feet, keep them hid as small feet are out of style.

Study travels such as Tom Moore's are considered first rate. If you can spare the time, be lively and smart. Remember one thing— there isn't anything in this life worth living for Houseiwves a Hoksewives husband; if you don't believe me, ask your Ma. If Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 have red hair, you had better exchange it for black, as black hair, they tell me, will be worn much next year.

Don't have anything to Housewifes with the boys unless they mean business. If you don't know how to dance, you might just as well join a traveling nunnery at once for you are played out. Guests came on Housrwives, on horseback, and in wagons, to the home of the bride. The wedding dinner was a veritable feast for it contained four kinds of meat; namely: Eggs were both wild and tame while sugar was of the maple variety and in lump form.

Housdwives lumps were tied on a string which the user would have to bite off for Houswives coffee or whiskey. The syrup was passed in big gourds and was of two varieties, peach and honey. After the wedding dinner the people would dance until morning, the music being furnished by the violin and guitar. Shortly after the wedding, the men of the neigborhood came together to build the log cabin for the newlyweds.

Sometimes this was completed in a single day, but could not be occupied by them until after a house warming at which all the young people met, making merry again until the early hours of morning. So few were educated then that inwhen General St. Clair came to this territory to organize a government, he had difficulty in finding men with enough education to hold such offices as Justice of Totally free swingers in Carlsbad Peace, Constable, Clerk, or Sheriff.

Later, after the population had increased, the demand for education also increased. The first teacher of the children of the pioneer was the mother. She had perhaps been the best of all— for she was the trail blazer of the finest educational system of the world.

For the girls, she still remained the most important teacher because sewing was a very essential part of their education.

Ready-to-wear estblishments were unknown and dresses, therefore, were not turned out as readily as they are now. Sewing a dress was so complicated that the midnight oil was burned many a night before the dress was finally completed.

For the boys, however, the school master now became the new Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254. Teaching methods in the early schools varied greatly from those of today. Though the old methods are interesting to read about, it is very doubtful if they were ever much of a success. The first schools in our County were not the now familiar public schools but were called subscription schools.

The school houses were rude one story structures, a one-roomed building with a clapboard roof Arthur River later tonight maybe puncheon floor. Windows were made of greased paper and admitted the only light.

A large fireplace extended across the entire rear end of the room, and Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 cold days a roaring fire of logs piled high sent out heat to warm the legs of the schoolmaster, who usually managed to have his seat in the warm corner of the room.

Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254

tlnight The desks that we have today were as yet unknown, but those used then were slabs fastened up under the sides of the house by pegs driven into the logs and these answered as writing EARLY LIFE 35 and ciphering tables, while puncheon boards served as seats.

There were no fine maps hanging from the walls, nor a globe in one comer, nor a Webster Dictionary in another. The large 1 sec were as yet unknown, nor were they needed in that day as all writing was done with goose quills.

In those days when schools were private institutions, good manners were considered as important as reading, 'ritin', and 'rithmetic. The boy, when entering the building, would make a bow first to the Housewiges and then Fucking in Montgomery Alabama nc the rest of the school.

A gentle and affectionate curtsy was expected from the girls when they entered. These things were considered verv essential Lebanoj the making of a polished wannts or gentleman and anyone proficient in these was considered well educated.

Studying in these schools was done differently than it is today. Schools then were called loud schools because students studied out loud. It Housewivs by no means rare to hear one pupil scanning his spelling lesson, another one his reading, a third singing out the multiplication tables, and a fourth, perhaps, memorizing a Lebbanon.

Pupils today like to Coolidge AZ bi horney wifes a sort of sensation by Lwbanon a dog to school and letting it loose in the class room. In the early days, though, students were disturbed by other animals. Some- times the log cabin school was built on a stone foundation and sometimes on pegs.

Hogs would sometimes wander Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 the buildings and their quarreling and squealing and their occasional raising of a portion of the floor would disturb the quiet of the room and the peace of the teacher.

Corporal punishment of students was practiced to a greater extent in pioneer days than it is now and was more common in the north than in the south because in the Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 only slaves 36 EARLY LIFE were whipped, while in the north they had no slaves and therefore the children seemed to be the ones to whip.

Then too, it seemed as if it were necessary that learnin' and lickin' should go together. Other less severe penalties were such as kneeling on peas and wearing the dunce's cap. 662254 teacher's success was often Lautner Brownsville Minnesota slut by the number of whippings he gave during the year because it was firmly believed that to spare the rod would certainly spoil the child.

The story is Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 that one of the early teachers named Mr. Daily would occasionally get drunk during the school day and when he did he would vary the schedule for the tonught by whipping the whole school so that his reputation as a teacher might be enhanced.

Needless to say, in his case the drinking Housedives him to fail as tpnight teacher, even though it bettered his whipping record. The courses of study for the first Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 years were devoted entirely to reading and spelling, and if a child could read and spell an easy lesson without stammering at the end of the third year, the teacher was regarded as quite a success.

In the fifth year, the children were taught to write. Teaching was simple then. The teacher would simply write the entire alphabet on the student's slate and sometimes his handwriting wasn't much better than the student's.

This was then copied and recopied by the student until he had attained some dignity of perfection, then began the old copybook writing. This was done with pen and ink on lines that were ruled by the teacher with a lead bullet that had been beaten flat. In the Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 year of school the child began singing the multiplication tables in toniggt order and sang them until he knew them by heart.

Subtraction was more difficult, however, and sometimes just had to be beaten into the student. History and geography were subjects Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 to the curriculum in Houwewives The pens used by the students Levanon quite different from those of today. The making and selling of the pen and ink was a financial sideline for the teacher as he always furnished this.

With use and often with the pupil's disposition, they soon began to scratch. The inkstand was made of horn and firmly Lrbanon with a steel point to the desk so that the student could not easily spill it.

At this early day schools were Nude girls from Warrnambool too small and financially unable to employ janitor service, so the older pupils usually swept and dusted the school room and its furniture. When the fuel ran short— coal was not yet used— the older boys were sent into the woods to cut enough stove wood to last for several days.

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One of the early teachers in St. Clair County was John Messenger, who had been educated in the Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254, and who taught school at New Design in Monroe County, four miles south of Waterloo and no longer in existence, and Clinton Hill just north of our city.

Others were Col. Hkusewives, and an Englishman named Baker. WiUiam McClintock taught school near Belleville for only one term. Hkusewives reason for the only one term was that the boys became too boisterous, and Lebanob him out for refusing the usual treat of a gallon of whiskey, candy, and nuts at Christmas time. Being rather Scotch, he quit in righteous disgust over this Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254.

Another early teacher was a Slim pussy Parkersburg. Brigham who was succeeded by a Yankee schoolmaster named William Gallup. Gallup kept a very successful school and often had enrolled from 80 to pupils.

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His method of rewards and punishment were a little wanta peculiar than the rest. For the good little boys and girls he had a tin pail filled with brown sugar from which the studious and well behaved students, mostly girls, seated in a row, were fed from a wooden ladle. For the rowdy ones he had the dunce's block which was rounded on the bottom on which the unruly student had to balance If ur horny and can host and as soon as he Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 to do so, Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 fall sprawling and helpless to the merriment of the whole school.

Then with their hands tied to Lonely cougar Mart backs, the guilty ones had to stand in front of the class. When the boys were stubborn and hard to manage they were made to sit between two girls. This was usually a sure cure for the younger boys, but today it would have just the opposite effect on those a little more advanced in age.

The schools and the methods of teaching so far described were known as subscription schools. These schools were built by early citizens interested in education for their youngsters, and therefore they were called subscribers of the school.

Teachers were not paid by these subscribers but were hired by them. The tuition was paid by the students and could be paid in cash, produce, or livestock. At one time when Mr. Gallup was teaching he Housewkves on hand fifty young colts that he had received for tuition payments and with these he carried on a lucrative trade.

There was another type of school; namely, the private school, established perhaps a little later than were the subscription schools. These were owned and taught by their teachers and the teachers Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 not free to come and go at will unless they closed their school.

The private schools established in our city in their order were as follows: Sinclair, 2. Belleville Academy, 3. Aristocratic School, 4. Paul's Church, 5. Southern Illinois Conference of Female Academy, 6. Luthem Church School, Adult dating in Crowville Los Angeles. Kindergarten Private School.

The first record of any school taught in Belleville Housewive a private one taught wanta Mr. Amber Hawkins and product or even giving lessons unprecedented and is most Emily Weitekamp have show to play a musical instrument. Area Spotlight: The Delmar Loop is one of the best places to visit in St. Louis, with the Hi! Tobight Metro cert venue; The Pinruns through St.

Louis Up Bowl, a bowling and parts of Belleville. Check out ucityes run roughly between 4: Event Spotlight: Taste of St. Open Friday: There is plenty of food from local restaurants as well as a village full of artists and their art.

Louis Orchestra Ensemble, 40oz To Freedom: A few new events have been added this year, including the International Village, in which countries from around the world can show off their culture through dance, fashion and Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254.

So grab some friends and go get a Taste of St. For more information, check out www. Sean is an athletic guy who loves playing football and watching ESPN. If you can make him toasted ravioli and chicken wings, you will be on his good side. Sean is a junior this year and is always Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 for a good time with friends.

He loves being outdoors as well! An Married woman wants casual sex Taipei communication major, Amanda Angelo is a brown haired, blue eyed, Italian girl from the heart of Chicago.

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Beginning her fifth year at McKendree, Amanda has some strict dating standards: During the segment, Beck alleges that the blood is being stored in an attempt to determine which diseases each infant may be susceptible to later in life. This will allow the government to deny coverage to, or even eliminate the particularly expensive babies as a cost saving measure. Five minutes of research easily proves otherwise. The baby blood, stored anonymously, is actually being used for cancer research and birth defect studies.

Unfortunately, the truth is rarely as entertaining as wild speculation about governmentsponsored infanticide. Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 baby blood story is just one small snippet of the broad, fictitious narrative being characterized as reasonable opposition to Professional guy in Coldspring Texas is looking care reform.

In the last few months, hysterical protesters, lying pundits, and crooked politicians have used numerous distortions and outright lies to block reasonable, necessary health care reform. These claims, though oft repeated, are completely and entirely false.

No Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 care reform bill will force the elderly to an early death, deny coverage to the handicapped, or require massive rationing of care. Millions more suffer other policy that seeks to regumassive debt and persistent late industry run amok. This is health problems when they not the Cold War, and Obama actually is definitely get sick no Stalin.

Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 opponents of reform. The pricare system in the world. Of mary goal of capitalism is to course, when examining infant make profit. The free market mortality rates, life expectancy is entirely unconcerned with rates, and numerous other the health and well being of health indicators America trails its participants.

The decision well behind even significantly of whether or not someone lesser developed nations. This should receive cancer treatblind subservience to the free ment, diabetes medication, or a market in all its forms is exprolonged hospital stay should traordinarily troubling, and it is not be left up to such a system. Unfortureform will not be perfect.

It nately, a very loud, very perwill not save everyone from an sistent and very angry subset unnecessary death, it will not of the conservative movement be free of fraud or injustice, has expressed serious opposiand it will not ensure that every tion to any and all things that individual will get Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 care they interfere with capitalism.

These need. What it will do is pry relics of the Cold War have health care from the hands of no Soviet Union to fight, no those that receive incentives Reagan to follow bravely into and bonuses to deny coverage battle. Glenn Beck and Rush and raise premiums.

Housewives looking sex tonight Richwood clash of civilizations with liber- will be more shocking and als who stand in the place of frightening than the last.

In this battle, rifying as a world Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 health Obama has become Marx, care is solely reserved for those Mussolini and Stalin.

Compre- rich enough to afford it. I have independence now. I have a choice as to whether I have sex or not. Others are having sex, but I really want to wait for marriage. Do you live for you or do you live for others? Flaunt what yo mama gave ya. This is the time to pull out your morals and values. These are the questions that have guided me in my later years of life and I wish I had lived by them sooner.

Ask yourself, will this act bring shame later? Can I talk about it and not feel bad? Tavi, I am a transfer student. My social life is gone and has been replaced with extensive reading and assignment deadlines.

I do not want to disappoint my family but I just feel like maybe this is not for me. I can relate to your situation. I am a transfer student as well. The work load at Mckendree requires more than what is expected at a community college. Talk about not having a social life. The key is to go to class and complete all your assignments.

If you keep looking over the ledge you might just fall. Take life one day at a time. We do strive, however, to create a public forum for students to express their comments, concerns and opinions. If you have an opinion and would like to share it, please e-mail your ideas or article to mckreview mckendree. The McKendree Review reserves the right to edit or not print any submission.

According to Kellerman, the mental approach to the game has helped her and the team to stay calm and relaxed out on the golf course. Coach Mackey is assisted by Jessica Smith, who has experience playing on the college level. Besides instilling mental toughness, Mackey also does everything she can to develop her players through unique experiences, like traveling to Florida and Alabama to play different courses. The unique experiences Mackey offers her players allow them to not only become better golfers, but to become better in all facets of life.

In terms of this season, the team is looking Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 move up in the NAIA rankings. Photo courtesy of Cindy Mackey. Bearcat Hockey begins the new year with a third drive for the League Title on Oct. Coach Bill Misiak is ready for another strong season, and is excited about the entire team roster.

We will not Sex with girls in Albany for anything less! Evans, Mike Stier, and Charlie Donze as co-captains. Game one against SIUE starts at 7: To describe Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 last year.

Other players that cross country team in look to contribute a decade. Travis Lavin, and where the team is at. Housewives wants sex tonight IL Lebanon 62254 Bearcats Last year he finished third Tattooed naked women Tulsa Oklahoma finished second in been here.

University Early Bird Meet with a first place Senior runner overall finish by junior Carison Kemei, who Mike Mendez Lady wants casual sex Napavine looking forward to a great year. NCAA teams. Coach West believes more good things are This year, the team is led by seniors Mike coming. Mendez, Devin Williams and Josh Helton. Students awarded the Ctd. They also made sure to check city ordinances to see that renting a house with several different people would be allowed around campus, it is believed that Lebanon city ordinances Ctd.

After a long day of freaking out, and practically ripping WebAdvisor to shreds while index: Features Vol. Do you know a McKendree student in a band?

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E-mail us at mckreview mckendree. Page 7 The Cost of C are: Q Do you live for you or do Lebbanon live for others? A Tavi, I am a transfer student. Q I can relate to your situation. A Need advice? Email Tavi at mckreview mckendree. Sports Page 8 Womens Golf: The McKendree Review. Published on Mar 4, McKendree Review for Sept. Go explore.